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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t File for Bankruptcy after ID Theft

Jacqueline here, with AllClear ID. Discovering that you’ve been a victim of identity theft can feel like being hit in the chest by a load of bricks. You feel violated, overwhelmed and frustrated. Your finances are in shambles. Your credit report is littered with debts you didn’t accrue and the debt collectors might be starting […]

ID Theft Tips for Working with Local Law Enforcement

Jackie here, with AllClear ID. If your car gets stolen you call up your local police department. If your identity is stolen, it is a lot more complicated. Reporting and resolving id theft can be a multi-step process that involves talking with a variety of different law enforcement agencies and personnel. Knowing how to work […]

From the AllClear Investigators: Watch Out for the Scam

Chris here, with the AllClear ID Investigations Team. We’ve been hearing from victims of a new scam involving the website This scam involves a phone call from a fake computer technician that can result in you losing your private information, money, and even access to your computer. How the Scam Works: The customers we’ve […]