Meet the AllClear Health ID Mobile App

Until now, patients have faced delays and frustration when they tried to get copies of their own medical records. But now, for the first time, AllClear Health ID makes it easy to consolidate and own your personal medical records from all of your health providers.

You now have one place for all your medical records

  • Eliminate the delays and problems of accessing records from different providers
  • Connect with your doctors to share records
  • Check-in for appointments is as easy as scanning a QR code
  • Get better care when your doctors have accurate information
  • Inform doctors faster in an emergency

Health ID requires an invitation to enroll. Please contact us to receive an invitation.

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AllClear Health ID in Action

Now you can have all of your medical records always at hand. AllClear Health ID is working all the time to gather, consolidate, update, and protect your medical records so you always have easy access to your records. Watch to learn more.

What the future of patient-centered medical records looks like:

  • All your documents at your fingertips
  • Control over how you share your records
  • View labs, scans, x-rays and more
  • Download and share records with whoever you choose including, insurance companies, educational entities or family members
  • Request updates at any time

Our Promise

The AllClear Health Network is dedicated to retrieving your medical records from your medical providers. We’ll do the legwork to get the most complete records, so patients and doctors don’t have to.

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