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Are You Being Tracked at the Grocery Store?

Jackie here. If you haven’t heard of or thought about in store tracking, you are likely missing an emerging privacy trend. Retailers are increasingly turning to your smartphone to gather data about you and to track your movements throughout the store. Here’s what you need to know: In Store Tracking- Does it Really Happen? In […]

Trading Health Information for Insurance Perks

Jackie here. How much is your privacy worth? A life insurance company is hoping that consumers will trade a bit of privacy for a discount. The new program will provide participants with an activity tracker and steep discounts in exchange for information about their health habits. What privacy implications does this program have? Would you […]

Protect Your Personal Information

Jackie here. We talk a great deal about protecting our personal information, but even with safe sharing practices, information is out there. With so much information posted online and in public records that are easily accessed, some information you can’t keep secret. There are even companies, called data brokers, that have created files on almost […]

10 Opt-Outs to Increase Your Privacy

Jackie here. Are you looking for ways to increase your privacy? The World Privacy Forum has compiled a list of their Top 10 Opt-Outs. While the list is in no way comprehensive it contains those opt-outs that the group feels are most important and most useful. Increase your personal privacy today by choosing one (or […]