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Did You Know: You Can Pull Your Official Employment History for Free?

Vanessa here from AllClear ID.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FACT Act) is the law that lets you obtain a free credit report from the three credit-reporting agencies every 12 months.  You may not know that the FACT Act also lets prospective or current employers gather information about you for background checks.  This is a […]

RFID Cards: A Greater Credit Card Fraud Risk?

Vanessa here, with AllClear ID. “Smart Cards,” credit cards embedded with RFID chips, are getting more attention as more banks issue them to their customers. What is RFID – and why is it in my credit card? An RFID (radio-frequency identification) credit card has a radio frequency microprocessor inside it that contains your card information. […]

Identity Theft Stories: AllClear ID helps a Child Identity Theft Victim with over $700,000 in Fraudulent Debt

Jamie here.  AllClear ID customer Christopher ordered a ChildScan (child Social Security number scan) for his teenage daughter Caitlin. He never expected the resulting identity theft to be a complex web of issues that would take over a year to resolve. Little did he expect AllClear ID to find 42 open accounts, totaling over $700,000. […]