Eliminate the #1 Reason Healthcare Claims get Denied

AllClear Health ID eliminates patient record mismatch, duplicates and bad data for dramatically cleaner claims.


What is AllClear Health ID?

AllClear Health ID is a new high security mobile identity platform that eliminates patient misidentification across an entire health system – no matter where or how their patients access care. It continuously monitors and certifies patient information, automates check-in online and in-person, and electronically exchanges data between patients and providers. Most importantly, Health ID protects every workflow with banking grade security so that providers can confidently deliver the right care to the right patient and receive the right reimbursement.

Match the Right Patient with the Right Medical Record Every Time

Patient record mismatch, duplication and inaccurate identity data cause 33% of claim denials and costs an average of $29M for every 1 million patients treated annually.*

* Black Book Research 2018

Improve Patient Safety

Reduce the risk of misdiagnosing a patient or ordering redundant services by making sure providers are working from the right medical record.

Automate Check-in Across Delivery Channels

Unburden staff by enabling patients to securely check-in to any care setting using their mobile devices and Health ID’s unique CrossChannel™ Architecture.

Increase Reimbursements

Receive certified patient data including current insurance information to increase reimbursements from patients and payers.

How Much Could You Save with AllClear Health ID?

33% of claim denials are caused by patient record mismatch, duplications and inaccurate identity data. Enter your data below to see how much you could save with AllClear Health ID.

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* Change Healthcare estimates the average value of denied claims at 3% of a provider’s net patient revenue

** An average of 33% of denials are rooted in patient misidentification according to a 2018 Black Book Research study

Total Annual Savings:

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