Now Your Entire Business can Connect to Your Mobile App

The CrossChannel™ Platform uses mobile technology to eliminate passwords and remove friction from every part of your business

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Why choose the CrossChannel™ Platform.

Totally Eliminate Passwords
Let customers use their fingerprint or face to authenticate in every service channel. Passwords and security questions are completely eliminated.
Increase Engagement up to 300%*
Remove friction and watch customer engagement rise by up to 300%. CrossChannel™ experiences are faster and more secure by design.
Unleash Innovation
In-App Automations bring the convenience and power of mobile technology to all your customer facing channels.
Dramatically Reduce Fraud
CrossChannel security by design "short circuits" front end attacks dramatically reducing account takeover and transaction fraud.
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*Reported by clients in financial services and retail.

We back our products with high quality service

Awards for outstanding customer service
Customer satisfaction rating*
Success resolving financial identity theft cases.**

AllClear Identity Protection Services

Give your customers peace of mind by ensuring they have someone on their side when they need it most.
Fraud Alerts
Prevents thieves from using stolen Social Security numbers to open new accounts.
Credit Monitoring
Keeps customers informed of new credit activity by sending alerts when banks and creditors use their identities to open new accounts.
ID Theft Monitoring
Alerts customers about compromised data, including credit card numbers, email addresses or usernames with passwords, and Social Security numbers.
Identity Repair
With AllClear ID, no matter where or how identity theft occurs, your customers are covered—and at no cost to them.