Have Consolidated Records at Your Fingertips

AllClear ID® introduces the Health Connect™ data service for doctors and the AllClear Health ID™ mobile app for patients. With Health Connect, doctors have instant access to their patients consolidated medical records including images, insurance and demographic data. No more faxing records and burning CDs or having to manually enter data.

Access the information you need via direct EHR and PACS integrations or the Health Connect portal.

Automate Record Delivery to Your EHR With Redox

With a Redox connection, you are in control of how you receive patient records. You can automatically import records into your EHR and PACS systems. Or you can review them first, select just what you need, and import them with the click of a button. And when patients request records, you can send them instantly without lifting a finger.

Meet the Health Connect Portal

Drag and Drop Instead of Phone and Fax

The One Portal You Will Want to Use. Really!

Health Connect will be the one tool you actually love to use. Instead of spending hours chasing and sending records, you simply find your patient in the portal and instantly access their consolidated medical record. Imagine what you can do for patients with all that time back.

Give Patients an App They Will Love - the AllClear Health ID™

Patients, for the first time, will always have their medical records with them no matter where they go. And they can share their records with any provider. When your patients enroll in Health ID, you get instant access to their medical records in the Health Connect portal.

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See How It Works

See how the Health Connect portal and the Health ID mobile app work together to give you and your patients easy access to consolidated medical records. View the video to learn more.

Match the Right Patient with the Right Medical Record Every Time

Eliminate patient record mismatch, duplicates and bad data to improve patient safety and increase reimbursements.

Eliminate the #1 Reason Claims get Denied

Having bad data can be costly. Patient misidentification causes 33% of claims denials.* Increase reimbursements and reduce costs by electronically collecting certified insurance and demographic data.

* Black Book Research 2018

Reduce Record Retrieval Work by 90%

Having instant access to current patient records, including images, unburdens your staff. No more phoning or faxing requests for records or fulfilling requests by burning CDs or faxing documents.

Create Shortcuts for Patients with QR Codes

Creating better patient experiences is as easy as printing a QR code. For example, create a shortcut that makes your existing check-in process faster, easier and more accurate. Upon arrival, patients can skip the line by scanning a QR code to authenticate themselves and instantly share their MRN, insurance and demographic data with the front desk. We can create shortcuts for all kinds of things including health screening, mobile payment, document signing, and wayfinding. We can’t wait to hear your ideas.

See How a QR Code Works with Your Existing Check-in System

Assign a task to a QR code

Post the QR code at the front desk

Patients scan code when they arrive for appointment

Receive the patient’s MRN, demographics, and insurance

Put Your Brand on It

We designed the Health ID app and the Health Connect Portal to make it easy for you to personalize them with your brand, logo, and colors. This creates a seamless brand experience for your patients.

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Our Promise

The AllClear Health Network is dedicated to retrieving your medical records from your medical providers. We’ll do the legwork to get the most complete records, so patients and doctors don’t have to.

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