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Targeted LinkedIn Ads are Coming Your Way

Jackie here. LinkedIn is a wonderful networking tool, but it is not without privacy trade-offs in some instances. LinkedIn recently created and implemented their own ad network that tracks you across the site and on the web. If you don’t want to receive targeted ads from the site, here’s what you need to do to opt-out.
How to Opt-Out
From the “Privacy & Settings” section found in the account settings drop-down box, select “Manage Advertising Preferences”. Here you can opt out by unchecking the box that authorizes LinkedIn to use cookies to understand your browsing patterns. This help page will explain a bit more about LinkedIn’s advertising practices and explain the opt-out process in more depth.
The ads on the new ad network won’t just appear on LinkedIn; they can be found on websites across the internet (Groupon and Samsung are some of the first to test the network). According to the company, the ads might be highly targeted, but the companies in question won’t know who you are. They are simply targeted to people in certain professions, LinkedIn groups, and locations.
This is a great reminder to double check your privacy settings on all social media sites. Policies often change and checking in regularly will help you to stay in control of what you share.

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