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Email Mistakes to Avoid

Jackie here. Are you using email safely? If not, you could be exposing yourself to scams, phishing attempts, malware, ID theft, and a host of other problems. How can you protect yourself? Avoid these risky email practices for a safer email experience. Clicking on Unknown Links If you’re not absolutely certain about a link, don’t […]

Are You Being Tracked at the Grocery Store?

Jackie here. If you haven’t heard of or thought about in store tracking, you are likely missing an emerging privacy trend. Retailers are increasingly turning to your smartphone to gather data about you and to track your movements throughout the store. Here’s what you need to know: In Store Tracking- Does it Really Happen? In […]

Identity Theft Predictions for the Coming Year

AllClear ID proudly sponsors and provides financial support to the ITRC. For more information on the ITRC’s financial support relationships please visit their website. Part of the job of the Identity Theft Resource Center is to analyze the criminal trends and victim calls to uncover where identity theft and its related crimes will lead in […]