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IRS Releases "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scam List

Jackie here. We’re in the thick of tax season and scammers are working hard. What tax scams are popular this year? The IRS recently released a list of the “Dirty Dozen” scams for the year. Head here to see the full list and watch for these top scams.

  • Tax ID Theft– Have you filed your taxes yet? Tax fraud is a big and growing problem and the best way to avoid it is to file your taxes early. Thieves often file fake tax returns, claiming refunds before you get a chance to file yourself. If you haven’t filed yet, hurry and do it.
  • Phone Scams- If you get a phone call from someone claiming they are from the IRS, be very cautious. IRS impersonation phone scams are popular at this time of year and if you aren’t careful, you could easily give away personal information or become a victim of identity theft. In some cases, the caller threatens arrest, deportation, or court action. They may demand immediate payment, often using a prepaid debit card. Remember, the IRS won’t call about a required payment without first sending you a bill, and they will always give you time to investigate any charges and dispute them if necessary. The vast majority of the time, the IRS will communicate with you via print mail.
  • Phishing- Phishing scams are also popular at tax time. Be on the lookout for emails from the IRS and illegitimate IRS websites. While the IRS may use email for some types of communications, they don’t use email to initiate contact with taxpayers or to request personal or financial information. If you get a suspicious email, text, or social media communication that claims to be from the IRS, head to this website to check for and report phishing.
  • Return Preparer Fraud- As you prepare to file your return, make sure you choose a reputable preparer if you need help. Most preparers are honest and provide quality service and tax preparation assistance, but there are some fraudulent ones. This guide from the IRS will help you choose a qualified tax professional.

Have you seen any of these scams this year?

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