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Is Your Mail Putting You at Risk for ID Theft?

Jackie here. Does your mail put you at an increased risk of ID theft? We talk often about digital risks, but just like your inbox, your physical mailbox is packed with personal information. Let’s take a quick quiz and evaluate your mail practices. What are you doing well? What do you need to change?
Do you have a locking mailbox?- A locking mailbox is one of the easiest ways to protect your mail. Get a locking box with a key to protect against mail theft.
Do you collect your mail every day?- Don’t leave your mail sitting in the box, especially overnight. Bring it in as quickly as possible after it is delivered. If you’ll be out of town, put your mail on hold or arrange for someone to pick it up daily.
Do you pay bills online when you can?- Signing up for e-bills and online payments can keep thieves from accessing your credit card bills, bank statements, and other important documents. If thieves get access to a check of yours, they might be able to use a technique known as washing to change the payees name to theirs.
Do you take outgoing mail to the post office?- That little red flag on the mailbox alerts others to something inside. If you need to mail something containing personal information, take it to the post office.
Do you look for signs of id theft?- Prevention is important, but so is early detection. If you do become a victim of ID theft, you’ll want to find out as quickly as possible. Check your bank and credit card statements as frequently as you can. Examine your credit report at least once a year.
In a digital age, it is easy to forget that a big source of information is sitting right outside your front door. Take the necessary steps today to protect your mail.

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