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Why You Should Never Save Passwords Using Your Browser

Jackie here. If you have trouble remembering passwords, it might be tempting to save them in your browser for easy entry the next time around. I’ve got a warning for you… it might be easy, but it isn’t worth it. Don’t save your passwords in your browser. Here’s why.
With a Bit of Technical Know-How You Can Retrieve Passwords
In most cases, this isn’t something the average person can do, but with a bit of technical skill it is possible to retrieve saved passwords. You might think, “No big deal. I’m not ever away from computer much. Nothing will happen.” However, this isn’t limited to being able to log in to one particular account on a particular computer, but your actual password can be uncovered and then used anywhere. Even worse, it only takes a few seconds. And for those of you that reuse passwords, this poses an even bigger security risk as one password will let hackers into multiple accounts.
If you want to know the ins and outs of how it’s done, check out this article from Business Insider. In the meantime, don’t save your passwords in your browser. If it has been a while since you’ve created new ones, change your passwords.

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