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What Does a Scam Sound Like?

Jackie here. How do you know when a scam comes calling? The Better Business Bureau has shared a recording of a real scammer calling a consumer. Head on over to their website and take a listen. While not every scam sounds the same, many of the call-in scams will sound similar. Knowing what to look for can help you stay protected from ID theft.
What Should You Do?
If you get a call like this one, what should you do? Here are some simple tips for dealing with scammers on the phone.
Hang Up– If it sounds like a scam, it probably is. Hang up the phone. You don’t need to be nice; just hang up. If you’re worried about missing crucial information from a company you do business with, call them back using a known phone number. Scammers often use popular companies to trick you into sharing information. Just because they say they are calling from Microsoft or your bank, doesn’t mean they actually are. Don’t engage with scammers like the caller in the BBB clip.
Report the Call– After a call, report it. Any information you have may help law enforcement to shut down the scam. The FTC Complaint Assistant is an easy way to report scam phone calls. It just takes a couple of minutes and can be done entirely online.
Most Importantly…Don’t Share Any Personal Information– Don’t give the scammers any information they don’t already have. Don’t share any personal information including your name, address, Social Security number, bank information, account numbers, etc. Some scammers tell you they need your information to verify your identity. If you didn’t make the call yourself, don’t verify anything.
Have you ever received a scam phone call? Let us know what happened and how you knew it was a scam.

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