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An Ever-Changing Password

Jackie here. A weak password is a problem, but what’s the solution? Yahoo rolled out a new password system that generates an ever-changing password for their users. Best of all, this password comes on demand, so you don’t have to remember a thing (and its only 4 digits). Will this new idea become a viable alternative to the password?
A New Password Every Time
Do you have a hard time remembering your account passwords? Yahoo’s new system eliminates the need to remember a password by texting you one each time you want to log in. Simply activate the system, register your phone, and never remember your Yahoo password again.
If you have a Yahoo account and want to sign up, here’s what to do:
Log In– use your existing password
Enable On-Demand Passwords– You’ll find this option in the security settings.
Register Your Phone– Follow the process to register your phone. You’ll need to use a phone that can receive text messages.
Log In– The next time you go to log in, you won’t see a spot for a password, but rather a button that says, “Send My Password”. Click the button and a 4 digit password will be sent to your phone.
Yahoo hopes this system will provide a replacement to the password and will make their site more user-friendly and boost online security.
What do you think of Yahoo’s new password system? Will you try it?

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