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Superfish and Privacy – What Lenovo Owners Need to Know

Jackie here. Do you have a Lenovo device? Recent reports indicate that the company has been shipping devices pre-installed with a type of malware known as “Superfish”. What do you need to know to protect your privacy?
What is Superfish?
Superfish is a type of malware that comes pre-installed on some Lenovo devices. When you hear malware, you might think scammers and ID theft. This malware is different. It monitors your internet usage and inserts ads into your searches. At the very least it’s a pesky privacy violation, but some security experts worry that thieves could potentially use it to steal your information. It can also interfere with security certificates on secure sites making it risky to connect to online banking.
To find out if your computer is loaded with Superfish, head to this website and wait a few seconds. The website will perform a quick check and let you know if Superfish is operating on your device. Apologies, this site was removed.
What Can You Do About Superfish?
If you do find Superfish on your computer, take action. Security experts have found ways to use Superfish to compromise computers and thieves probably have too. Amid public backlash Lenovo has released a way to uninstall the malware. Head to their support site and use the removal tools provided on your device.

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