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What You Need to Know About Digits by Twitter

Jackie here. Let’s be honest; keeping up with passwords can be very challenging. Even after countless warnings, people still choose weak passwords to protect their important accounts. While this is not a safe practice, it is understandable as good passwords can be hard to remember. Twitter recently launched their potential solution to the problem, a unique sign in tool called Digits. Let’s take a look.
What is Digits?
Digits is a tool that app developers can use to bypass the password and make signing into apps easier. For users, they will be able to input their mobile phone number instead of a username and password to log in to apps that use this feature. A text is sent for authentication and sign up is complete.
Digits aims to make things easier for both app developers and users. Remembering your phone number is something you probably already do (no more complex passwords). Developers can tap into an easy method for authentication.
Digits for mobile devices launched in October 2014 and Digits for the web launched mid-January 2015.
What Does Digits Mean for the Password?
Will Digits change the password? Right now Digits only impacts the a select few apps that it is affiliated with, but in time innovative password solutions like this could replace the standard combinations of letters and numbers that we use every day. Think about it… do you go anywhere without your phone? I don’t and I’m guess you don’t either. Mobile devices could someday be a great tool for identification.
There are some potential downsides to this feature, however. Mobile numbers are potentially easier to guess than your passwords. The addition of a verification text will help make this process more secure, but time will tell if Digits increases mobile security while making log-in details easier to remember.
Have you tried Digits? What did you think?

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