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Data Privacy Day 2015

Jackie here. If privacy is important to you, do something about it. Data Privacy Day is January 28th and there are many great ways to get involved this year. What will you do?
Data Privacy Day is an annual celebration of all things privacy. It’s a chance to renew your commitment to protecting your privacy and an opportunity to educate and inform others about privacy’s importance. Here are some excellent ways to celebrate Data Privacy Day this year.
Share on Social Media
Take a break from laughing at cat pictures for a minute and do something useful with your social media accounts. Sharing privacy tips is a great way to spread the word about privacy and to give your family and friends a chance to celebrate Data Privacy Day too.
Data Privacy Day on Facebook– The official Facebook page for Data Privacy Day has some easy to share tips about privacy. Pick your favorite and share with your friends.
Join in a Twitter Chat– On January 28th at 10 am EST IBM is hosting a Twitter chat. To join in simply use the hashtag #identitymixer.
Have a “Privacy Talk”
Do your children understand the ins and outs of privacy? A family privacy talk is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce good privacy practices for everyone. Don’t come to your talk unprepared; you’ll find a variety of great resources to use here.
Join a Webinar
There are a couple of informative webinars taking place as part of Data Privacy Day. Both are focused on privacy for businesses and organizations. If you want to step up good privacy practices at your company, these can give you the jumpstart you need.
Kick Starting a Privacy Program– If you’re looking to start a privacy program, this webinar is for you. You’ll learn how to establish a privacy program team, what your regulatory requirements are, and how to define and communicate a privacy policy.
Reducing Costs and Liabilities Through Privacy Awareness– 35% of data breaches are due to human error and 29% are caused by problems in your business practices. Learn how to reduce your risk and better protect your business.
Both webinars require registration (and some a small fee), so if you want to attend, follow the links and register now.
Pass Along Resources
Spread the word about privacy by sharing some of these tip sheets. Hang one up in your office or display a few on a community message board.
Give Yourself a Privacy Check-Up
How are you doing with privacy? Data Privacy Day is the perfect day to check up on your privacy settings. Find out how here.
How will you celebrate Data Privacy Day?

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