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Scam Alert: Fake Netflix Emails Attempt to Steal Credit Card Numbers

Jackie here. If you love Netflix as much as I do, you’d be pretty worried if you got an email from the company indicating a problem with your account. You might even take immediate steps to fix the problem, which may in fact make you vulnerable to ID theft due to the latest phishing scam. The Better Business Bureau walks consumers through the red flags they spotted in a recent phishing attempt disguised as an email from Netflix. Check out their post here and keep reading for some tips to help you avoid phishing scams like this one.
The Scam
In this particular scam, customers receive an email that appears to be from Netflix. The email looks official enough. It features Netflix’s bold red logo and uses an informal writing style characteristic of the company. Unlike many phishing emails, the grammar and English usage are good. The email indicates a problem with the member’s payment method and urges them to click a link to update the information.
As the email isn’t actually from Netflix, the link directs the victim to a site where they provide a credit card number and other information directly to the scammer. This information can then be used to commit fraud or ID theft. As you know, clicking on email links can also lead to sites where malware is installed. This scam could potentially pack a double punch.
Tips for Avoiding Phishing Emails
While some phishing emails are glaringly obvious, others are a lot more subtle. To the casual onlooker, this email could be legitimate, but when you’re on the lookout for scams (and you should always be), you need to look a little more closely. An easy way to avoid any problems is to avoid clicking links in unsolicited emails. It’s much safer to log in to the company’s website and access your account on your own.
Another tip to remember is to avoid using contact information found in a potential phishing email. If you want to verify an email, call the company using a known number, not the one listed in the email in question.
Remember, when it comes to your email inbox, things aren’t always as they seem; phishing emails do a great job of tricking unsuspecting readers into sharing personal and financial information.


  1. I go through PayPal so I don’t have to worry about it. It is a simple, relaxing option to the confusion those phishing scams cause.

  2. I go through PayPal so I don’t have to worry about it. It is a simple, relaxing option to the confusion those phishing scams cause.

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