AllClear Health Network

AllClear Health Network is a revolutionary new system that connects physicians and patients like never before. It consolidates a patient’s medical records from every provider and puts them in one place, so that doctors can finally access complete records at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AllClear ID Health?

AllClear ID brings nearly two decades of experience building digital identity products and services to healthcare.

Founded in 2004, the company became the world leader in delivering identity protection product and services in the aftermath of massive data breaches. In 2015, AllClear ID set out to build mobile Bank IDs that were both convenient to use and highly secure.

Today, AllClear ID is 100% focused on solving longstanding problems in the U.S. healthcare market including patient misidentification and missing medical records.

How do I transfer records to the requesting provider?

There are three ways to transfer records to the requesting provider:

  1. Leverage the provider’s FHIR connection to send patient records.
  2. Export the patient records in CDA format and then upload to the AllClear ID Health Connect portal.
  3. Fax the records directly to the provider (not the preferred method).

Benefits of the AllClear ID Health Network:

Providers may sign-up to join the AllClear ID Health Network. Once onboarded as a healthcare provider, they can invite their patients to join the AllClear Health Network. Once your patient enrolls into the network, providers can easily transfer patient records directly to them as well as receive records directly from the patient. No more faxing or entering data manually. Medical records are always instantly available for both patients and providers.

What is CDA or DICOM format?

The Cures Act requires healthcare providers to give patients their medical records in electronic format. Unlike faxes and PDFs, the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) format is compatible with EHRs which saves everyone time.

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is the standard format for medical images and allows doctors to receive image files in a readable format to make accurate diagnoses.

Your records systems support the export of both data formats. You can find out how to do this by searching for CDA and DICOM format in your EHR. You can learn more about CDA format here and more about DICOM format here.

Who is Record Retrieval Solutions?

Record Retrieval Solutions (RRS) has deep, working knowledge of the record retrieval industry.

They help their clients get medical records quickly through proactive and consistent follow-up. RRS is helping AllClear ID with medical record retrieval services. You can learn more about Record Retrieval Solutions here.

Is this safe?

Yes. AllClear ID Health, Inc. is committed to the security of our customers and their data.

As a cloud-based services company entrusted with our customers’ most valuable data, we are focused on keeping you and your data safe through strong, banking grade authentication and identity technology.

Interested in learning more?

We can connect your practice to the AllClear Health Network so you can get instant access to your patient’s records with no more faxes, phone calls or delays in care due to missing records or diagnostic images. Provide your contact information below and someone will reach out to you.

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