AllClear Identity Repair Terms of Use

Services Provided

If you suspect identity theft, simply call AllClear ID to file a claim. AllClear ID will provide appropriate and necessary remediation services (“Services”) to help restore the compromised accounts and your identity to the state prior to the incident of fraud. Services are determined at the sole discretion of AllClear ID and are subject to the terms and conditions found on the AllClear ID website. AllClear Identity Repair is not an insurance policy, and AllClear ID will not make payments or reimbursements to you for any financial loss, liabilities or expenses you incur.

Coverage Period

Service is automatically available to you with no enrollment required for the specified time frame from the date of the breach incident notification you received from Company (the “Coverage Period”). Fraud Events (each, an “Event”) that were discovered prior to your Coverage Period are not covered by AllClear Identity Repair services.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Services under AllClear Identity Repair coverage, you must fully comply, without limitations, with your obligations under the terms herein, you must be a citizen or legal resident eighteen (18) years of age or older, and have a valid U.S. Social Security number. Minors under eighteen (18) years of age may be eligible, but must be sponsored by a parent or guardian. The Services cover only you and your personal financial and medical accounts that are directly associated with your valid U.S. Social Security number, including but not limited to credit card, bank, or other financial accounts and/or medical accounts.

How to File a Claim

If you become a victim of fraud covered by the AllClear Identity Repair services, you must:

  • Notify AllClear ID by calling 1.877.736.4486 to report the fraud prior to expiration of your Coverage Period;
  • Provide proof of eligibility for AllClear Identity Repair by providing the redemption code on the notification letter you received from the sponsor Company;
  • Fully cooperate and be truthful with AllClear ID about the Event and agree to execute any documents AllClear ID may reasonably require; and
  • Fully cooperate with AllClear ID in any remediation process, including, but not limited to, providing AllClear ID with copies of all available investigation files or reports from any institution, including, but not limited to, credit institutions or law enforcement agencies, relating to the alleged theft.

Coverage under AllClear Identity Repair Does Not Apply to the Following:

Any expense, damage or loss:

  • Due to
    • Any transactions on your financial accounts made by authorized users, even if acting without your knowledge, or
    • Any act of theft, deceit, collusion, dishonesty or criminal act by you or any person acting in concert with you, or by any of your authorized representatives, whether acting alone or in collusion with you or others (collectively, your “Misrepresentation”);
  • Incurred by you from an Event that did not occur during your coverage period; or
  • In connection with an Event that you fail to report to AllClear ID prior to the expiration of your AllClear Identity Repair coverage period.

Other Exclusions:

  • AllClear ID will not pay or be obligated for any costs or expenses other than as described herein, including without limitation fees of any service providers not retained by AllClear ID; AllClear ID reserves the right to investigate any asserted claim to determine its validity.
  • AllClear ID is not an insurance company, and AllClear Identity Repair is not an insurance policy; AllClear ID will not make payments or reimbursements to you for any loss or liability you may incur.
  • AllClear ID is not a credit repair organization, is not a credit counseling service, and does not promise to help you improve your credit history or rating beyond resolving incidents of fraud; and
  • AllClear ID reserves the right to reasonably investigate any asserted claim to determine its validity. All recipients of Identity Repair coverage are expected to protect their personal information in a reasonable way at all times. Accordingly, recipients will not deliberately or recklessly disclose or publish their Social Security number or any other personal information to those who would reasonably be expected to improperly use or disclose that Personal Information.