Your child is safe. But is his identity?
Find out with a Free ChildScan Report.

Children are easy targets for identity thieves because the crime can go undetected for years. AllClear ID and Trans Union,
a national leading credit bureau, have partnered to deliver ChildScan - a free, child identity theft report.
ChildScan Report – The most effective way to protect your child’s identity.

ChildScan Report: How It Works

ChildScan actively scans databases to find out if thieves are using your child’s Social Security number
If fraud is detected, AllClear Investigators conduct a full inquiry and completely repair your child’s identity

Now parents have a safe and secure way to determine if someone is using
their child’s Social Security number. Get your child’s FREE ChildScan Report.

Not a trial. You will never be billed.
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Why is a ChildScan Report better than a Credit Report?

Credit Reports fail to detect child identity theft in 99% of cases. Here’s why:

ChildScan ReportCredit Report

Searches all credit records with your child's Social Security number regardless of name or birth date.

Only checks for the Social Security number with one name and birth date

ChildScan searches:
• Credit Records
• Employment Records
• Criminal Records
• Medical Accounts

No employment records search
No criminal records search
No medical accounts search

ChildScan’s detailed reporting
provides peace of mind

No detailed picture of child’s
identity situation

Dedicated investigators for each and
every case of fraud

No investigators

Complete repair of your child’s
identity when fraud is detected

Do not repair your child’s identity

Children may be more likely to have their identities stolen than adults.

frequency of child theft graph

Get the latest facts from the 2012 Child Identity Theft Report. Learn More


How does child identity theft happen?
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