Identity Repair and Monitoring.
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The uncertainty associated with identity theft can be overwhelming, but you can count on our dedicated team for help. All of our identity protection services, including AllClear Identity Repair™, Identity Theft Monitoring™, and Fraud Alerts with Credit Monitoring™, are supported by representatives who care.

Calculations based on the 2015 results of surveys sent to all customers who are interacted with the AllClear ID support team.

The difference between Identity Repair and Monitoring Services
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AllClear Protection & Monitoring Services™

AllClear Protection & Monitoring Services™

Identity Theft Monitoring

Identity Theft Monitoring

Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring

Fraud Alerts with Credit Monitoring

Fraud Alerts with Credit Monitoring

Fraud Alerts

— Protection at the three national credit
bureaus starting with the ability to request, renew and remove a 1-year fraud alert through TransUnion. TransUnion will relay the request to set the fraud alert to Experian and Equifax1. AllClear will send a reminder email when it is time to reset the fraud alert.

Annual TransUnion Credit Report and VantageScore 3.0

Added visibility into your credit file. This credit scoring model is based on factors in your credit report, including payment history, percentage of credit limit utilized, and age and type of credit, among other factors.

Credit Monitoring

— Alerts you of new credit activity if
banks and creditors use your identity to open new accounts, or apply for new credit, such as a car or home loan. You may choose either Single or Triple-bureau monitoring2.
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Fast and Secure Phone Alerts

— Our exclusive, patented
alert technology keeps you informed of how your identity is being used. Your secure Voice Key also confirms that calls from AllClear ID are legitimate —not a phone scam or potential thief.
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Lost Wallet Protection

— AllClear Investigators help
and replace your credit and debit cards if your wallet is lost or stolen.
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$1 Million in Identity Theft Insurance Coverage

Provides reimbursement of certain fees, lost wages, and fraud losses related to identity recovery. There is no deductible for this insurance.
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ChildScan Monitoring

— Available for those under 18.
Databases are scanned to detect unauthorized use of a child’s Social Security number. In the event of fraud, the parent or guardian receives an alert, and an AllClear Investigator will conduct a full inquiry and help repair the child’s identity.
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Identity Repair

— If you become a victim of identity theft,
we help fix it. AllClear ID will help do the work to recover your financial losses and restore your credit report.
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Theft Monitoring

— Alerts you about compromised data,
including credit card numbers, email addresses or usernames with passwords, and Social Security numbers. This service operates in partnership with the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA), which runs a global clearinghouse for stolen credentials. Federal law enforcement agencies, other government agencies, businesses, and academia find compromised consumer data through research and fraud prevention work and report the information to the NCFTA. When we receive compromised data from the NCFTA that matches yours, we alert you.
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AllClear Identity Repair is included with all Protection & Monitoring Services

AllClear Identity Repair

AllClear Identity Repair™

AllClear Identity Repair is the most important service offered. When your information is compromised, a dedicated AllClear Investigator acts as your advocate to initiate the dispute process, help recover financial losses, and restore your identity to its pre-fraud state.

AllClear Identity Repair

No enrollment required.

Automatic access to identity repair for eligible customers.

AllClear Identity Repair

Protects you on the internet and everywhere else.

No matter where or how identity theft occurs, you are covered.

AllClear Identity Repair

If you become a victim of identity theft, we help fix it.

AllClear ID will help do the work to recover your financial losses and restore your credit report.

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How do I enroll?

Our identity protection services are paid for by businesses and organizations who want to keep their customers safe. They are only available to you if they have been paid for by a business or organization. If you have received a notice or notification letter from a company that you do business with, informing you that your records may be compromised due to a data breach, that company is sponsoring services for you. In other words, the company that notifies you has paid for your services, such as, AllClear Identity Repair, Identity Theft Monitoring, Credit Monitoring, and Fraud Alerts with Credit Monitoring. You will receive instructions in the notification on the service and if enrollment is necessary, then how to enroll. Follow those easy steps and if you have a question, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-332-4963.

1Fraud alerts are a TransUnion service. AllClear ID is only facilitating a communication between TransUnion and the consumer. Consumers must set the fraud alert themselves and must agree to TransUnion’s terms of service.
2Triple Bureau Option requires activation and acceptance of the AllClear ID alert filtering policy.
3U.S. Patent No. 7,983,979
*Rate is valid through 2018 and applies to cases involving adults covered by U.S. consumer protection laws.
**Calculation based on results of 2018 surveys sent to all customers who interacted with the AllClear Support Team.
The AllClear ID model is to provide identity protection free of charge to consumers. Protection and Monitoring Services are selected by sponsors. Sponsors pay, in full or partially, for services when they experience data breaches and many provide it as a benefit to their customers. Your notification letter or website notice contains the details of the services and products provided to you.