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Our team of experts is ready to help your business with breach preparation, response, and recovery.

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  • Breach

    My business may have experienced a breach.

    If you have discovered a breach, contact our Breach Response Hotline for immediate, confidential assistance to plan a customer-facing response.

    Breach Response Hotline


  • Solutions

    I want to learn more about business solutions.

    Whether you seek support with preparation, response, or recovery, we’re here to help your business. Contact our team by phone at 1.877.441.3007 or by email using the form below.

  • Personal help

    I’m not a business, but I need help.

    If you do not represent a business but would like to contact AllClear ID for personal assistance, our Customer Care center is ready to help. Please visit our Support section.

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Recommended Resources

Be GDPR Ready with Reserved Response

This short video is a guide to understanding how AllClear ID helps companies protect their customers in the GDPR era. Whether your customers are local or in the EU, this video can help you understand the steps we take to help your business prepare, respond and recover from a data breach.

Customer Breach Support

Deloitte’s Managed Risk Services team offers a Customer Breach Support service to clients, guaranteeing capacity, resources, infrastructure, ID protection specialists and rapid response operations— everything you need to protect your customers, your brand and your reputation.

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