Hear what our customers have to say about AllClear ID.

AllClear ID has won 15 Stevie Awards for outstanding customer service.


“I was very pleased with your product. I did not call you, you called me to let me know that someone was checking my credit and wanted to know if it was something I had authorized.”

Janice K., Mesa, AZ

“I was very happy when you contacted me and I heard my voice and my voice password. This gives me complete trust in your company. Thank you.”

Bridget S., Woodland Hills, CA

“I wanted to say how much I appreciate your Investigation team. Paul has been great in helping me get my accounts straight. I appreciate good customer service and plan to continue using your product because of it.”

Elizabeth J., Atlanta, GA

“The gentleman I spoke to answered my questions and wasn’t rude. He told me the facts and did the right thing. Now, I’m thinking about AllClear ID PRO service. I know what to expect and what kind of service I’m getting.”

Sonny R., Livermore, ME

“Your service is outstanding! Your team is well trained and polite. I’ll always be a customer, and continue to recommend your service to my family and friends.”

Denis F., Flemington, NJ

“I switched from LifeLock to AllClear ID for my identity protection as LifeLock was unable to help me. The investigator Aaron is resolving my issue and has been extremely helpful, nice, and above all, professional. Thank you for such wonderful customer service.”

Laura S., Morris Plains, NJ

“It is a comfort to know you are on my side ready to help with these stressful issues. Thank you. I have been completely satisfied with the professional help that everyone at AllClear ID has provided. They have been very supportive and sincere.”

Lesley B., Anaheim, CA

“You guys are great. I wish that I would have had this service long ago, but I'm glad to have you in my life right now. I would gladly recommend your services to my family and friends.”

Ryan P., Granada Hills, CA

“You have a very well-run operation. I expected that somehow things wouldn't work as smoothly as was promised, but they did. So, I am impressed. Everything was perfect.”

Cynthia F., Mission Viejo, CA

“The customer service was great, quick, efficient and friendly. It was the best customer service I have ever received from any company. I can't think of anything you can improve.”

Melissa C., Ypsilanti, MI

“Very impressed with this service. It is quick and painless to sign up and in today's day in age you can never be too careful with your identity. Highly recommended.”

Matthew R., Panama City, FL

“I confirmed that my husband was the individual that went into the bank with a question. A result of his request, they ran a credit check, and you alerted me of it. I would like to thank you for providing excellent customer service to myself and family.”

Tara L., Mahwah, NJ

“If all your representatives are like the ones that recently assisted me, then you have one GREAT team of employees. Keep up the good work.”

Alida C., Orlando, FL

“Talking with your representative ensured that I will be your customer for years to come. Her professionalism, helpfulness and candor was greatly appreciated.”

Todd W., Cincinnati, OH

“If all your customer service reps are like the one I spoke with you do not need to make any changes, she was delightful in an age when this is rare.”

Adele K., Nevada City, CA

“I am really happy with this service, and would recommend it to everyone. I love that you attempt to do everything possible to head off a potential problem. Twice now you have warned me and given me the means to head off collection of a bogus debt. I was able to stop collection activities both times, and save myself from problems with my credit. Thank you!”

James M., North Easton, MA