AllClearID Pro

Credit monitoring protection proven to work.

$14.94 per month AllClear ID has developed the first and only secure Identity Protection Network. That means only AllClear ID has the technology to provide you with specific information about real threats to your identity – quickly by phone. For example, if a fraudulent credit account is opened in your name, you know exactly when and where it occurred, the creditor involved and the amount. And if you suspect fraud, you get immediate help from an AllClear™ Investigator by simply pressing the star key on your phone.

AllClear ID PRO Protection Features

Get Identity Theft Monitoring, Fast and Secure Alerts by Phone, Immediate Connection to AllClear™ Investigator, AllClear Monthly Reports, and MORE with AllClear ID PRO:


Identity Theft Monitoring

Through advanced Internet scanning and our partnership with top security research experts, AllClear ID detects and reports stolen personal data from across thousands of online and offline sources. The data includes credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account user names & passwords, other online account numbers and logins, and more.

$1 Million ID Theft Insurance
Repairing and restoring your stolen identity is not only a time consuming process, but can also be a very expensive one. AllClear ID provides financial relief up to $1 million for identity restoration costs, legal defense expenses, lost wages and other identity theft related losses or costs.

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AllClear Credit Monitoring with Triple Bureau Option
One of the first places ID fraud can show up is in your credit files. So, AllClear ID PRO can monitor your identity at all three national credit bureaus to identify any activity or changes. If a real threat is found, the AllClear Identity Protection Network will alert you electronically by phone. Note: Triple Bureau Option requires activation and acceptance of AllClear ID's alert filtering policy.

Fast & Secure Alerts by Phone
Generic alerts from other companies don’t give you the information you need to take action. But AllClear ID has created the first and only patented (U.S. Patent No. 7,983,979), secure, identity protection network. So, you receive alerts by phone containing specific information you need to determine if there has been a real attack on your identity.

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Personal Voice Key Authentication
Only AllClear ID patented (U.S. Patent No. 7,983,979) technology provides a tough extra layer of security. Upon opening your account, you will record your own private voice key authentication. You’ll hear your own voice when you receive an alert phone call, so you will always know it’s an AllClear ID call and not a criminal or imposter.

Immediate Connection to an AllClear™ Investigator
If you suspect that you’ve become a victim of fraud, a licensed investigator will take your call and immediately begin a thorough inquiry. They will collect all relevant information and contact banks, creditors and credit bureaus. If requested, they will involve law enforcement. They will help do the work to restore your identity and recover your losses.

Complete Identity Repair
If you should become a victim of identity theft, AllClear™ investigators will work aggressively to fully repair and restore your identity. The incident will be fully investigated, creditors, law enforcement and other parties will be contacted, and you'll be informed throughout the entire process.

Lost Wallet Protection
If your wallet gets lost or stolen you no longer have to worry. AllClear ID will help cancel and replace your credit cards.

ChildScan: Detect & Repair Child ID Theft
Children are an easy target for identity thieves. You can protect your children for an additional $4.95 per child per month. Only AllClear ID scans thousands of databases for your child's Social Security number for credit, medical, criminal and employment fraud, then notifies you if any suspicious information is found. If fraud is found, an AllClear Investigator conducts full inquiry and completely repairs your child's identity.



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