Finances & Records Protections

Stop identity theft before it starts. Use the free protections below to reduce unwanted mail and to review all your records. Also, learn how you can earn a Fellows Shredder and a Hacker Proof Wallet.

  • Order Credit Report
    Order Free Credit Report

    Reviewing your credit report every few months is an effective way to determine if thieves have opened loans and credit cards in your name. Provided by

  • Reduce Junk Mail
    Reduce Junk Mail

    Protect the environment and your mailbox by using this free service to block unwanted junk mail. Provided by

  • Stop Pre-Approved Credit Offers
    Stop Pre-Approved Credit Offers

    Pre-approved credit offers make easy targets for identity thieves who steal them from your mailbox. You can prevent this risk by opting out of these offers. Provided by

  • Set Up Credit Fraud Alert
    Set Up Credit Fraud Alert

    Protect your credit by requiring that banks and creditors take extra precautions before opening loans and credit cards in your name. Fraud Alerts are free, but must be reset every 90 days(unless you’re a victim of ID theft). Provided by TransUnion

  • Set Up Credit Freeze
    Set Up Credit Freeze

    A credit freeze ensures no one can access your credit unless you unfreeze it. There is a small fee each time you freeze and unfreeze your credit at each of the three national credit bureaus. Provided by TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian

  • Review Work History Report
    Review Work History Report

    Is someone using your identity to gain employment illegally? Find out with this free Employment History Report from LexisNexis. Provided by LexisNexis

  • Review Public Records
    Review Public Records

    Find out if ID thieves have ruined your public reputation with liens, judgments or bankruptcy filings. Order your free public records report from LexisNexis. Provided by LexisNexis

  • Earn $30 off a Fellowes Shredder
    Buy a Cross-Cut Shredder

    For the ultimate in secure shredding, we recommend a cross-cut shredder.

  • Earn a Hacker Proof Wallet
    Use a Hacker Proof Wallet

    Hackers are targeting new credit cards with embedded radio-frequency chips. Protect your cards with an RFID-blocking wallet.

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