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Data Privacy Day 2015

Jackie here. If privacy is important to you, do something about it. Data Privacy Day is January 28th and there are many great ways to get involved this year. What will you do? Data Privacy Day is an annual celebration of all things privacy. It’s a chance to renew your commitment to protecting your privacy […]

ID Theft Trend Predictions for 2015

Jackie here. Now that 2015 is underway, it’s time to think about upcoming trends that will impact our privacy and identities. Here are some predictions (and for fun, take a look back on 2014’s predictions). More High Scale Hacks– Throughout 2014, it seemed like a new breach was announced every day. The same trend will […]

Update: Yahoo! Email Recycling

Allison here. We’ve recently discussed the June 2013 Yahoo! announcement indicating that the company would be recycling old email addresses, allowing users to pick them up if they wanted something simpler i.e. janedoe instead of janedoe34732. This program launched within the past several weeks, and a few users have received emails intended for the previous owner, and these […]