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ID Theft Trend Predictions for 2015

Jackie here. Now that 2015 is underway, it’s time to think about upcoming trends that will impact our privacy and identities. Here are some predictions (and for fun, take a look back on 2014’s predictions). More High Scale Hacks– Throughout 2014, it seemed like a new breach was announced every day. The same trend will […]

Online Social Security Accounts: Tips for Safe Use

Jackie here. Have you signed up for an online Social Security account? Earlier this year Social Security announced  that the agency is expanding the services available online for those with a my Social Security account. These accounts aren’t just for those receiving benefits; anyone over 18 can sign up for an account by visiting […]

Removing Personal Information From an Old Computer

How to Remove Personal Information From an Old Computer Thinking of donating or trashing an old computer?  Before you do, consider the personal information that you’ve saved (either knowingly or otherwise) to your computer and remove it before you put yourself at risk for identity fraud. If you’re like me, your computer is packed with […]