Repair Your Identity with Expert Help

Identity theft can be frustrating and time-consuming. With AllClear Identity Repair™, you have help every step of the way.

AllClear Identity Repair

  • No enrollment required

    No enrollment required

    Automatic access to identity repair for all eligible customers.

  • Protects you on the internet and everywhere else

    Protects you on the internet and everywhere else

    No matter where or how identity theft occurs, you are covered.

  • If you become a victim of identity theft, we help fix it

    If you become a victim of identity theft, we help fix it

    AllClear ID will help do the work to recover your financial losses and restore your credit report.

  • All at no cost to you, ever

    All at no cost to you, ever

    Our identity repair services are provided by businesses to their customers for free.

How We Help You

Being protected by AllClear Identity Repair means that if you become a victim of identity theft, we are here to help.

  • Expert Support

    We assign a dedicated investigator to open a case, investigate, and help repair your identity.
  • 360-degree Scan

    We conduct a 360-degree identity scan to detect possible undiscovered fraud, and help you fix anything that we find.
  • Fraud Resolution

    We contact banks, creditors, credit bureaus, and other organizations to help clear fraudulent activity from your records.
  • Preventive Measures

    We recommend preventive measures appropriate to your situation.

Steps an AllClear Investigator Takes to Help Repair Your Identity

  1. Contacts creditor(s) with you to initiate dispute and gather details.*
  2. Requests a letter from creditors stating that you will not be liable for the fraudulent accounts once the financial institution’s investigation is concluded. Note: If you have already called the creditor(s), the investigator will request details and ensure proper steps were taken to initiate a dispute.
  3. Conducts a proactive search of credit and public record sources to check for any additional misuse or identity theft.
  4. Assists in initiating disputes for any additional fraud detected.*
  5. Completes FTC affidavit and provides it to you to file a police report if desired.
  6. Assists in setting up proactive protections to help prevent future attacks, such as fraud alerts and other services.
  7. Throughout the case, your investigator follows up with you to update the case status, continues calling the creditor(s) as needed, until it can be confirmed you have been cleared of liability for any identity theft.

How do I know if I have access to Identity Repair?

If an organization provides you with AllClear Identity Repair, you will receive a flyer, letter, or other notification. Here are examples of what these communications might look like:

Monitoring Letter Example
Monitoring Letter Example
*To comply with credit and privacy regulations and their own internal security guidelines, creditors require the fraud victim to be on the line with the investigator to discuss or dispute any account or application.
**Calculation based on the 2018 results of surveys sent to all customers who interacted with the AllClear ID support team.
***Rate is valid through 2017 and applies to cases involving adults covered by U.S. consumer protection laws.