Match the Right Patient with the Right Record Every Time

AllClear Health ID eliminates patient record mismatch, duplicates, and bad data to improve patient safety and increase reimbursements.


Key Features of AllClear Health ID™

AllClear Health ID is a high security mobile identity that healthcare providers own and issue to their patients. Key features include:

  • Reusable Mobile ID: Uniquely identifies patients and binds their ID to the right Medical Record Number (MRN) in different EHRs
  • In-App Multi-factor Authentication: Securely authenticates patients using their mobile device and biometrics to achieve NIST AAL2 compliance with no dedicated hardware
  • Certified Patient Data: Instantly delivers accurate identity and insurance information to EHRs for clean claims (FHIR format)
  • CrossChannel™  Architecture: Seamlessly integrates into every care delivery channel including in-person, online and by phone
  • Configurable Policy Engine: Flexibly supports clinical workflows at each location in the health system
  • EHR Integrations: Directly connects to over 80 EHR platforms using native APIs and HL7 FHIR messaging protocols
  • Provider Branded. Fully Supported: Quickly launch with co-branded apps for iOS and Android fully supported by AllClear ID’s quality customer service

Automated Check-in Across Different EHRs and Delivery Channels

Health ID travels with the patient as they check-in to different care settings within a health system.

With connections to over 80 EHRs, it automates check-in across separate health information systems.

It operates in every care delivery channel including in-person, online and by phone.


Patient misidentification is the #1 cause for denied claims

Source: Change Healthcare 2021

Automating Patient Check-in is as Easy as Creating a QR Code

Use the AllClear Admin Portal to define registration processes and create unique QR codes for each of your locations. Upon arrival, patients scan the location QR code to initiate check-in, authenticate themselves and authorize the exchange of their identity and insurance information.

Information you can request from the patient:

  • Medical Record Number
  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Medical Insurance
How it Works
Configure your registration policy for each location
Invite patients to download the AllClear Health ID app
Patient scans QR code to check-in for appointment
Receive certified patient and insurance data to EHR for clean claims

Banking Grade Security Comes to Healthcare

Our mobile identity technology was originally designed for high security banking apps, and the core engine is certified to meet the world’s highest banking & healthcare standards, HIPAA, NIST AAL2, PSD2 Secure Customer Authentication (SCA). Our In-App, multi-factor design “short circuits” attacks on front end applications, blocks man-in-the-middle attacks and device attacks.

Short circuit
front end attacks
  • Password theft and re-use
  • Social engineering
  • Friendly fraud (via non-repudiation)
man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Forward secret encryption
  • Two-way communication
  • Transmit any data, images etc.
device attacks
  • Device cloning
  • Malware
  • SIM swapping
  • App repacking
  • App emulation

AllClear Security Guarantee

Customer security is the bedrock of our company. That’s why we are able to bring guaranteed security to healthcare. Every patient that enrolls in Health ID will receive our Security Guarantee. This protection is exclusive to AllClear Health ID. Here’s how it works.

FOR PATIENTS: If your patient’s information is stolen, we’ll help fix it. Period. Our Investigators will do the work to recover medical identity theft, financial losses and restore the patient’s credit report. All at no cost to the patient – ever.


On average, 18% of an organization’s patient records are duplicates which cost an average of $1,950 per patient per inpatient stay and $800 per ED visit

Source: Black Book Research 2018

Built on Proven and Patented Technology

AllClear Health ID is built on patented mobile technology that secures over 1 billion high value transactions every year on over 3 million iOS and Android devices. No scalable attacks have been reported since its introduction in 2012.

Benefits for Providers and Patients

  • Eliminate the #1 reason healthcare claims get denied
  • Improve patient safety
  • Automate check-in across delivery channels
  • Guarantee the security of patient identities
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