Frequently Asked Questions

About AllClear ID

  • Who is AllClear ID?

    AllClear ID is the leader in customer security and identity protection. We back our products and services with the best support in the industry, which is reflected in our 94% customer satisfaction rating* and 20 Stevie Awards for outstanding customer service. Our innovative approach puts customers first and ensures that you have easy access to identity repair services. Our clients include world-renowned brands and large government organizations who trust AllClear ID to take extra care of their customers after a data breach.

    *Calculation based on 2015 results of surveys sent to all customers who interacted with the AllClear ID Support Team

  • Is it safe to share my information with AllClear ID?

    Yes. AllClear ID takes many steps to ensure the information you provide – including passwords and PINs – is stored securely.

  • Will AllClear ID sell or share my personal information with third parties for marketing purposes?

    No. AllClear ID takes your privacy very seriously. We do not sell, rent, or share your personal information with any third party for marketing purposes. Please see our Privacy Policy to learn more.

  • About AllClear Identity Protection

  • What is AllClear Identity Repair™?

    Identity Repair is the most important and valuable service available to you. If you become a victim of identity theft, a dedicated investigator will act as your guide and advocate from start to finish by initiating the dispute process to help ensure that your identity returns to its pre-fraud state. This service ensures that you get help from professionals trained to navigate the complicated process of identity repair. Enrollment is not required to receive this service.

  • What is Credit Monitoring?

    Credit Monitoring is an extra level of protection that specifically monitors new credit accounts opened in your name. It also includes complete Identity Repair and $1 million identity theft insurance. This service is helpful if you think your Social Security number is either at risk or compromised.

  • How does Credit Monitoring work?

    This service helps you stay informed of your credit activity. AllClear ID sends alerts when banks and creditors use your identity to open new accounts. The alerts contain detailed information so that if there is fraudulent activity, you can take action.

  • What is ChildScan?

    ChildScan is available for those under 18. Databases are scanned to detect unauthorized use of a child’s Social Security number. In the event of fraud, the parent or guardian receives an alert, and an AllClear Investigator will conduct a full inquiry and help repair the child’s identity.

  • Is AllClear ID monitoring my existing bank accounts for fraudulent activity?

    No, AllClear ID does not monitor daily activity on your existing bank or credit card accounts. However, most banks and credit unions offer account alerts free of charge. AllClear ID can assist you in setting up these alerts on your credit card and bank accounts. In addition, we recommend reviewing your monthly statements for unusual activity.

  • What is the identity theft insurance policy and how does it work?

    Identity theft insurance is a zero-deductible policy included in the Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Monitoring services. This policy will reimburse you for certain fees, lost wages, and losses in the event of fraud. To view the full policy terms, please sign in to your All Clear ID account.

  • Why is the return address on my notification letter different from the address listed on your website?

    We receive return mail at a processing center where mail can be processed quickly and effectively. The correct address for our mail processing center is: P.O. Box 141578 Austin, TX 78714

  • Why are the services listed in my notification letter or email different than the services listed on this website?

    We recently updated the names of our Identity Protection Services. The AllClear ID service you are entitled to or currently have is the same. There is no change to your coverage or eligibility for AllClear ID services.

  • What are AllClear ID Sponsored Services?

    If you have received a notice or notification letter from a company that you do business with, informing you that your records may be compromised due to a data breach, that company is sponsoring services for you.  In other words, the company that notifies you has paid for your services, such as, AllClear Identity Repair, Identity Theft Monitoring, Credit Monitoring, and Fraud Alerts with Credit Monitoring. They are considered to be the sponsor of the service and provide sponsored service to you. You will receive instructions in the notification on the service and if enrollment is necessary, then how to enroll. Follow those easy steps and if you have a question, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-332-4963.

  • Account Maintenance

  • Why do you call me each time I try to log in to my account?

    The phone call at log in is an added security feature designed to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Each time you log in, please have your registered phone with you to answer the call from AllClear ID. If you would like to change the phone number registered to your account, please log in and manage your account settings or call AllClear ID to speak to a Customer Support Representative.

  • When and how will I receive alerts?

    If you are enrolled in Credit Monitoring, we alert you by phone when our system receives information that indicates possible use of your identity.

  • How do I cancel my service?

    You can call our Customer Support team to cancel your service. Our hours are Monday - Saturday from 8am to 8pm Central time. All service cancellations are by phone, not email, for your protection. When you call, your identity will be verified, the Customer Support Representative will cancel your protection, and if a refund is due, will let you know when it will be processed. Canceling AllClear ID service does not cancel email delivery of our monthly newsletter. To cancel the newsletter, click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.

  • Enrollment

  • Do I need to enroll to ensure that I have access to Identity Repair?

    No. No enrollment is required on your part to receive the protection provided by Identity Repair at any time during your coverage period. If you suspect your personal information has been used fraudulently, you can contact AllClear ID to open a case with an Investigator at any time during your coverage period. For more information about identity theft, how it happens, and how to prevent it, you may visit the Resources section of this website.

  • How do I enroll in AllClear ID protection?

    You do not need to enroll to access Identity Repair services. If you received a communication from a business that contains a code to enroll in additional AllClear ID monitoring services, please visit the URL or call the phone number provided in your letter or email.

  • Why does AllClear ID need my personal information or Social Security number?

    AllClear ID will only require your personal information if you enroll in Credit or Identity Theft Monitoring, or if it is needed to resolve an identity repair case. This personal information allows AllClear ID to monitor, investigate, and/or repair your identity.

  • My redemption code isn't working-what can I do?

    If you experience difficulty submitting your redemption code, please try the following:

    1. Confirm you are correctly typing the URL into your browser exactly as it appears in your notification letter or email. Be sure you use https:// when typing the URL (not “www”).

    2. Confirm you are typing the redemption code exactly as it appears in your notification letter or email.

    Customers who receive their redemption code via email should copy the code from the email and then paste the code into the redemption box to reduce the chance of a typing error.

  • Can I use my email address to enroll a family member in AllClear ID services?

    Every adult must have a unique email address to enroll in protection, as your email address also serves as your unique username for your AllClear ID account. We also use your email address to communicate updates specific to your account. A parent or guardian may use their email address to enroll their children in AllClear ID service.