High Trust Applications
that eliminate password friction
and transaction fraud

Introducing AllClear Digital Identity Services

AllClear’s Encap division pioneered High Trust Applications for Nordic banks and governments. Our banking grade, app-based authentication solution has protected hundreds of millions of high value transactions over the past six years with no transaction fraud. Our new API makes this technology affordable and accessible to everyone in July 2019.


  • Secure biometric access to services
  • No passwords or identity friction
  • High trust built on strong authentication


  • Increase customer engagement by 3X
  • Reduces sales lost to forgotten passwords
  • Dramatically reduce fraud and support costs

Watch this short video demonstrating AllClear’s vision for building High Trust, No Password applications, and then imagine the gains you can achieve in your branded applications.

Note: The Authentication API and SDK are available today via on-premise software and the SaaS API will be available in July 2019. The enrollment and identity protection services depicted in this video will be made available in future releases based on client demand.

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