The CrossChannel™ Platform by AllClearID

Transform Your Mobile App to Eliminate Friction Everywhere

CrossChannel removes obstacles and increases trust with in-app automations.
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What is the CrossChannelTM Platform?

The cloud-based CrossChannel platform connects your mobile app to every part of your business. The idea is simple. Give customers the convenience, speed and security of mobile and connect it to all your customer-facing channels – website, in store, call center, mobile and kiosk. It is patented and proven.

Remove Friction with In-App Automations

In-App Authentication Eliminates Passwords

Now customers can use their fingerprint or face to authenticate in every service channel. No more passwords or security questions.

In-App Signatures Eliminate Delays

Rather than using a scanner or third-party service to sign documents, customers can instantly sign documents using their mobile biometrics.

In-App Authorization Reduces Phone Calls

Instead of requiring phone calls to authorize important actions, enable in-app authorization with context, biometric authentication and electronic audit trails.

In-App Security Unleashes Features

Banking grade security protects your app from mobile threats so that you can release high value features with confidence.


The cost of one password related support call is approximately $70 and a large percentage of support calls are related to password issues.

Source: Forrester

How the CrossChannel Platform Works

The CrossChannel platform consists of two components: the CrossChannel API that integrates into your back-end applications, and a Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) that adds the in-app automations and secures your mobile app.

For example, when a customer contacts your business by phone:

  • Your IVR advertises the option to skip the security questions by authenticating with your mobile app
  • The customer enters their phone number, and your back-end application calls the CrossChannel API to push this step to the customer’s device
  • The customer taps the push message to launch the app and authenticates instantly with their fingerprint or face
  • The IVR transfers the authenticated customer to a live agent for service without the security interrogation
Engage in Any Channel and Use
In-App Automations to Remove Friction

Faster by Design

Eliminate obstacles that create friction

No more passwords, security questions or text codes blocking the way

Increase trust with in-app experiences

Avoid sending customers outside of your brand to complete steps

Complete transactions 5 times faster

Let customers use their favorite mobile technology to speed their journey

More Secure by Design

The CrossChannel platform “short circuits” attacks on front end applications by crossing channels to complete steps using the customer’s mobile device. To succeed, attackers must steal the customer’s mobile device and overcome multiple security factors.

It blocks man-in-the-middle attacks with forward secret cryptography and protects mobile apps from mobile threats including device cloning, SIM swapping, malware, app repackaging and app emulation. It is highly resistant to phishing, malware, man-in-the-middle and other attacks.

Short circuit
front end attacks

man-in-the-middle attacks

device attacks


The CrossChannel platform can increase customer engagement by 300%

Patented and Proven

Our banking grade technology accelerates over 345 million high-value financial transactions every year. The core engine is a third-generation product that is highly configurable and our mobile SDK runs reliably on over 2 million iOS and Android devices with minimal customer support issues. No scalable attacks have been reported since its introduction in 2012.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Increase engagement by up to 300%
  • Remain competitive in a mobile first world
  • Dramatically reduce fraud

Benefits for Your Customers

  • Faster, friction-free experiences
  • Maximum account protection
  • Mobile first brand experiences

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Mobile technology and apps have fundamentally changed what qualifies as a friction-free experience. Now organizations are caught in a vice between friction intolerance and increasing security requirements. Customers are left wondering why they can’t use their mobile devices to do everything.

This white paper explores how savvy organizations are responding by transforming their mobile apps into cross-channel tools to remove friction from every part of their business.