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AllClear Reserved Response™

72-hours is the new standard for notifying and protecting customers after a data breach. Reserved Response is the first and only managed service that guarantees large scale availability and rapid deployment of the resources required to redeem your brand.

The most valuable brands in the world rely on AllClear ID to safeguard over 500 million consumers with the following services:

When a breach occurs, customers expect a swift, authentic, and reassuring response. Details like clear and timely communication and experts available to answer questions are critical to rebuilding customer trust.

A successful breach response begins well in advance of an incident and addresses three key components:

  • Scalable

    72-Hour Readiness Program

    • Guaranteed availability and response times
    • Custom Response Plan and Playbooks
    • Customer Demand Forecast
    • On-site Response Simulation

  • Team

    Customer Notification & Identity Support Services

    • Incident Response Website Phone Number
    • High Volume Outbound Notification Service
    • High Capacity Phone System
    • Identity Support Specialists

  • Documented

    Identity Protection Products

    • Prevent New Account Fraud
    • Monitor Credit Accounts, Scores, Reports and Compromised Data
    • Repair Identity Harm

AllClear Reserved Response gives your business the capacity to scale and respond quickly so you can deliver a seamless and timely customer experience after a breach.

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High Volume Customer Notification & Identity Support

Our proven tools, processes, and systems have been optimized through years of experience managing thousands of data breach responses and include:

  • Outbound notification systems, including high-volume, first-class mail capabilities and high-capacity incident response website hosting
  • Inbound communications tools with a high-capacity phone system to quickly and securely route calls
  • A reserve army of identity support specialists ready to mobilize when a breach occurs
  • Response operations experts with guaranteed availability and fast response times
  • Expert project management, demand forecasting, resource provisioning, quality control, and reporting to effectively manage resources and your response
  • Experienced Identity Protection Agents to answer event FAQs, explain identity theft risks and remediation options, and assist with enrollment, identity repair, and escalation management
  • Dedicated Incident Response Manager to guide your team through all aspects of your response

How Reserved Response Can Help You Be GDPR Ready

Navigating GDPR can be complicated. AllClear ID Reserved Response can help.

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Identity Protection Products

<b>Fraud Alerts</b><br>Prevent thieves from using stolen Social Security numbers to open new accounts.

Fraud Alerts
Prevent thieves from using stolen Social Security numbers to open new accounts.

<b>Fraud Alerts</b><br>Prevent thieves from using stolen Social Security numbers to open new accounts.

Credit Monitoring
Scores and reports to detect fraud against existing accounts.

<b>Fraud Alerts</b><br>Prevent thieves from using stolen Social Security numbers to open new accounts.

Identity Theft Monitoring
Monitors the dark web to detect compromised identity information.

<b>Fraud Alerts</b><br>Prevent thieves from using stolen Social Security numbers to open new accounts.

Identity Repair
Resolves harm including financial, medical, criminal and employment identity theft.

Customer Response Readiness

Our experts work with your team to identify and close the gaps in coordination and documentation before a breach hits.

  • Proprietary Response Ready<sup>TM</sup>

    Proprietary Response ReadyTM

    Customized for your company

  • Data Breach Simulation

    Data Breach Simulation

    To prepare your team for critical decision-making and communication

  • Breach Response War Game

    Breach Response War Game

    To develop your team's response "muscle memory" in a test environment

What It Means to Be Response Ready

Our Reserved Response program includes a series of activities designed to get your organization ready to launch a customer-facing breach response. When the process is complete, you are Response Ready.

As a Response Ready organization, you’re better equipped to make critical decisions and reduce errors when launching a customer-facing breach response.

  • Specialists collaborate with your internal and external incident response team to build a customer-facing breach response plan that includes notification, support, and identity protection services
  • Your customer-facing response plan is tailored to your business’ and team’s specific needs, incorporating best practices from our experience managing history’s largest and most complex data breach responses
  • Your plan is validated and stress-tested using detailed, customer-facing response War Game and simulations1

Choose your solution

  • Gold
  • Silver

AllClear Reserved Response plans are customizable to better serve your business needs. A War Game is included in your Reserved Response plan or can be purchased separately as a service.

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Resources to Get Prepared

Customer Breach Support

Deloitte’s Managed Risk Services team offers a Customer Breach Support service to clients, guaranteeing capacity, resources, infrastructure, ID protection specialists and rapid response operations— everything you need to protect your customers, your brand and your reputation.

GDPR Response Challenge

Bo Holland, Founder & CEO of AllClear ID, shares his experience and findings from discussions with privacy professionals in the U.S. and Europe.

*Calculation based on the 2017 results of surveys sent to all customers who interacted with the AllClear ID support team.
**Rate is valid through 2017 and applies to cases involving adults covered by U.S. consumer protection laws

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