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Customer Communication Services

During an active breach, everyone expects timely, clear information about how it is being addressed. We provide a suite of expert communication services to help deliver a superior experience.

Notify Customers, Repair Their Identities

The sooner you communicate to customers, the quicker you can alleviate concerns and instill confidence. And the right message goes a long way to recovering trust. Our Customer Communication services empower your organization to respond effectively and expedite recovery.

Data Breach Notification1

Notify customers quickly and effectively by first-class mail, email, or substitute notice website.

  • Managed notification letter printing, mailing, and returned mail processing
  • Address cleansing and National Change of Address lookup included
  • Additional address lookup, SSN verification, and death registry services available
  • Every AllClear ID customer notification also includes automatic access to Identity Repair services

Identity Protection Support Center

An award-winning team of specialists answers customer questions by phone and email to explain Identity Repair services and guide customers through the process.

  • U.S.-based call centers
  • Representatives trained on your event
  • English language support is standard, other languages available
  • Dedicated U.S. toll-free telephone number, international lines available
  • Branded customer experience specific to your incident

Reserve Capacity, Get Immediate Service

Organizations that are part of our Reserved Response™ program get the benefit of capacity—immediately available, scalable support to respond to a data breach in a guaranteed timeframe. Companies that are not part of the program can still use our breach response services when capacity is available.

*Calculation based on the 2015 results of surveys sent to all customers who interacted with the AllClear ID support team.
**Rate is valid through 2015 and applies to cases covered by US consumer protection laws.

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