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A Proven Approach to Breach Response

Our award-winning team of experts has been perfecting breach response for more than a decade. We have managed thousands of incidents, including 3 of the 4 largest data breach responses in history.

It’s not about data. It’s about customers.

Deliver an experience that rebuilds trust.

At AllClear ID, we believe that a data breach response is a customer service event. In fact, responses that are designed to deliver an authentic and supportive customer experience will minimize damage and expedite recovery.

Our expertise and insights are unmatched. We help you plan and execute a customer-facing breach response that meets high expectations and preserves your brand.

Calculations based on the 2015 results of surveys sent to all customers who are interacted with the AllClear ID support team.
Solutions for Every Stage of Customer Security

Solutions for Every Stage of Customer Security

We have designed our services to address your needs across the customer security lifecycle. This holistic approach ensures your organization can plan and deliver the most effective breach response possible.


Most problems during a breach response can be traced back to the lack of readiness and no capacity to respond quickly at scale. Our Reserved Response™ program ensures your organization has the information, workflow, and people needed to respond quickly and effectively, giving your team, customers, and shareholders peace of mind.

Active Breach

Deploying a data breach response is an intense and very public experience. If you’re not able to meet the demands of regulators and your customers, it shows. Our Customer Communication™ and Identity Protection™ services ensure that your organization delivers a response that is timely, reassures customers, and as a result, minimizes damage to your brand.


The post-breach period provides an opportunity for recovery, assessment of your incident response plan, and operational changes to improve your security posture. Our identity protection services for your customers continue throughout this period, and our advisory services help your organization prepare for future breach incidents.

Learn more about our suite of solutions. Visit Solutions or contact our Sales team.

A Reserved Response is a better response.

  • A Clear Mission

    A Clear Mission

    We provide services that protect organizations, their employees, and their customers from the fallout of a data breach. Everything we do is dedicated exclusively to this mission. This specialization uniquely enables us to provide unbiased, powerful solutions you can trust.

  • Award-Winning Service

    Award-Winning Service

    We genuinely care about protecting people from identity theft—and it shows. Our Identity Protection Support representatives are known for demonstrating care, concern, and quality. From notification to recovery, we ensure that your customers have an experience worthy of your brand.

  • Trusted Partnership

    Trusted Partnership

    We believe that by providing genuine partnership and effective solutions, you succeed—and so do we. Our knowledgeable, responsive experts will advise and support you every step of the way to ensure your interests are protected.
  • Boundless Innovation

    Boundless Innovation

    With an increasingly connected world comes new risks. Using insights gained from managing complex, high-profile breaches on the front lines, we are continually developing solutions that will lead our clients and the security industry toward a better future.

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Customer Breach Support

Deloitte’s Managed Risk Services team offers a Customer Breach Support service to clients, guaranteeing capacity, resources, infrastructure, ID protection specialists and rapid response operations— everything you need to protect your customers, your brand and your reputation.

*Calculation based on the 2018 results of surveys sent to all customers who interacted with the AllClear ID support team.
**Rate is valid through 2018 and applies to cases involving adults covered by U.S. consumer protection laws

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