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60 day breach response timeline

The Breach Response timeline, prepared by our data breach response team in coordination with leading industry experts, provides a baseline of the kinds of activities you can expect to manage during a security incident. See more free data breach preparation materials

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  • 25% of IT security decision makers and influencers reported at least one breach of their sensitive information during the past 12 months.
    Source: Forrester Research, Planning For Failure, November 2011

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Why Data Breach Preparation is So Important.

Sophisticated security and technology solutions, unfortunately, cannot ensure immunity to data breaches. Today’s constantly morphing threat landscape makes it difficult for even the savviest organization to detect and stop every threat. That’s why now, more than ever before, your company has to be well prepared. That means having a data breach response plan ready to go and the right partnerships in place now. Then in the event of a breach, your response will be smooth. Seamless. And your team can focus on returning to business as usual, faster.

Setting Up Vendor Relationships In Advance Is Critical

  • 45-60 Day Notification Requirements
  • Many Activities to Complete in a Stressful, Compressed Timeframe
  • Time Consuming Breach Investigation Process
  • Risk of News Leaks
“Your preparation materials are extremely helpful and convey important information in an easy to understand manner.”
Health Plan Client, New York, New York

Tools to begin Data Breach Preparation

Data Breach Incident Response Workbook

Get a free step-by-step guide to preparing for a breach. Inside our guide is an editable plan to help you collaborate with teams and define your incident response program.

AllClear ID Pre-Breach Agreement

Partnering in advance of a breach is crucial to executing a response on time and within regulations. Contact us for details on pre-negotiated membership  agreements that save precious days.


Data Breach Attorney Referral

Laws, regulations and the required legal actions can vary considerably according to your industry, location and other factors.When you require a privacy attorney, AllClear ID has the right referrals.



Did You Know:

  • Almost all 50 states plus DC, Puerto
    Rico, and the Virgin Islands have legislation around data breach notification
  • The HITECH Act requires healthcare companies to notify affected populations of more than 500 individuals

“It”s easy for companies to get ahead of themselves and rush into bad decisions that make a situation worse, which is why it is often helpful to work with a company that has done this before.”

Jamie May, AllClear ID VP of
Customer Services & Chief Investigator in The New York Times,
Finding the Cleanup Crew After a Messy Hack Attack, December 2011

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