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AllClear ID Blog: Cybersecurity Tips

Safe Email Handling Tips for Businesses

Email is a common target for malicious hackers. Two of the more common techniques they use to compromise email are business email compromise and malicious document attachments. Business Email Compromise The FBI describes Business Email Compromise, or BEC, as a financially-motivated and often sophisticated scam carried out by organized crime organizations. The technique involves impersonating […]

FTC Launches “Start with Security” Initiative to Educate Businesses about Protecting Personal Data

Earlier this year, the Federal Trade Commission expanded its efforts to help businesses protect consumer information by launching a new initiative called Start With Security. It is designed to help small- and mid-sized businesses in various industries understand how to strengthen data security around consumer information. So far the initiative includes three daylong workshops in […]

Sophisticated Malware Forecasted to Escalate in 2015, Experts Report

Karen Taylor for AllClear ID Judging by the success of increasingly high-scale attacks, it appears 2014 was a rewarding year for cybercriminals — and a rough year for the companies they targeted. Further, malware with names like Heartbleed, Shellshock, and POODLE grabbed headlines while wrecking havoc in thousands of companies. Adding to the challenges for […]