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Long-term identity protection for your customers after their breach coverage ends.

AllClear ID knows savvy thieves can wait years after a breach to use stolen information. That’s why we created the original long-term protection, previously called AfterCare, and now called Long-Term Care. It’s fraud detection and expert identity repair that begins after credit monitoring protection expires. It’s a great way to ensure the fallout from a breach doesn’t harm your customers or your brand’s reputation years down the road.


“[This service] will be psychologically comforting to consumers affected by a data breach. Organizations and brands will be able to measure the improvement of trust [it] creates after a security incident.”

Dr. Larry Ponemon, Founder, Ponemon Institute

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How Long-Term Care Works.

In the event of a data breach, there are often legal and regulatory rules guiding the protection you need to provide for your affected population. Often your organization must provide 1-2 years of credit monitoring and identity protection service, like our AllClear Credit Monitoring. But AllClear ID doesn’t stop there. We’re the first company to provide long-term coverage after your customers’ paid service expires, AllClear ID provides identity protection with secure alerts, fraud detection, and identity repair. For more details on our AllClear ID Long-Term Care, consult a Breach Specialist.

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Expert Identity Repair

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What your customers receive with Long-Term Care.

AllClear ID long-term care includes fraud detection across a customer’s Social Security number, credit cards, bank account user names and passwords, other and personal information. If compromised information is found, customers are alerted by phone so they can quickly take action. With just the push of the phone’s star key, they will be immediately connected to an investigator. The investigator will help your customer work to repair their identity. This service does not expire, and is included in your data breach response service at no cost.

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