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Recieving Credit Monitoring Alert

Fast and Easy to Use.

It’s simple: Provide the best product. Maintain customer loyalty. Unlike ordinary credit monitoring, the AllClear ID patented and secure alert system is fast and easy for customers to use. Because we have the unique ability to deliver alerts securely by phone, customers are notified faster, which translates to a quicker response. And our solution costs no more than ordinary credit monitoring.

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Benefits for Consumers:

Faseter Alerts

Faster Alerts

The AllClear ID patented telephone voice key and PIN authorization assures a secure connection, so detailed information can be delivered quickly and consumers can take immediate action.

Faster Response

Faster Response

If a security alert is believed to be fraudulent, consumers can instantly connect to a live AllClear Investigator by simply pressing the star key on their phone. The investigator will then launch a thorough inquiry.

Faster Recovery

Faster Recovery

Our experienced, award-winning licensed investigators are able to move efficiently and effectively when time matters. They take the lead when it comes to repairing and restoring your customers’ valuable identity.

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Benefits for Your Organization:

  • Only AllClear ID tracks and documents fraud attacks
  • Only AllClear ID can generate quantifiable Activity Reports to prove to regulators the breach caused no harm
  • Better long-term protection and ease-of-use for customers means less probability of brand’s reputation being damaged
  • Greater savings. Costs no more than ordinary credit monitoring
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Only AllClear Credit Monitoring offers all this:

  • Sends immediate, actionable, and detailed Credit Alerts by phone
  • Eliminates repetitive, non-urgent emails that get ignored
  • Provides instant connection to a live, AllClear Investigator if an attack occurs
  • AllClear Activity Reports prove whether or not criminals are using your consumer’s information
  • AllClear Investigators help file cases with law enforcement
  • Proven fraud recovery service and $1,000,000 identity theft insurance coverage
  • Trusted and chosen by top Fortune 500 companies
  • Costs no more than ordinary credit monitoring

"The decision was straightforward: AllClear ID provided the strongest protection at a superior value. Since implementing the AllClear ID solution, the role of our identity theft task force in handling the customer-facing component of data breach resolution has been strengthened considerably."

Director of Privacy and Security, Large National Healthcare Company

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