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Retain customers and
save money after a data loss.

Breaches are becoming more frequent and happen to even the most cautious companies. They are also becoming a public relations nightmare because victims are upset with the typical breach response. Consumers want immediate, hassle free identity protection and AllClear’s new Proactive Response gives customers exactly that. It revolutionizes breach response by automatically protecting 100% of the victims, while saving you 20% or more. 


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AllClear's Proactive Breach Response:
Creates a better outcome and saves you 20% or more.

With AllClear's Proactive Response, customers are notified quickly, receive solid answers from award-winning service representatives and get the security they prefer – automatic identity protection. This new approach is 20% less than competitive plans and you pay only one invoice.


Notification Services
Identity Repair Included at No Cost


Call Center Services
Award-Winning Team, 97% Satisfaction


Consumer Protection
Highest Satisfaction, Lowest Cost




  • Everyone receives the protection they want
  • Automatic, no sign up
  • Fewer customer complaints




  • Innovative response delivers significant savings
  • Priority pricing
  • One invoice

Benefits to Consumers

Benefits to Your Company

  • Prompt notification that includes automatic identity repair to address their concerns and calms their fears
  • Immediate answers from your branded call center
  • Automatic coverage with AllClear’s proactive protection
  • Premium monitoring services
  • Thorough, hassle-free resolution of identity theft problems 
  • 20% savings over standard breach responses - one invoice
  • Less anger from customers and fewer call backs and complaints
  • Less brand tarnish, higher confidence in your company and customer care
  • Less disruption to your business, return to normal faster

AllClear ID was awarded Best In Resolution by Javelin Strategy & Research

Full Data Breach Response Solutions.
We can beat anyone on price, product, & service.


  • Turnaround times: 2-Day Express or 5-Day Standard
  • Proactive Notification includes identity repair at no extra cost
  • Notification letter printing
  • Address verification (NCOA, deceased)
  • First-class mailing and returned mail processing
  • Email notification
  • Fully-managed call center and customer support operations
  • Client branded customer experience specific to each event
  • US & International support available
  • US Based team that focuses solely on data breach response
  • Identity Repair with concierge-level service
  • Credit Monitoring with easy to use phone alerts and insurance
  • Child Identity Theft Protection
  • Identity Theft Monitoring for Password, Credit Card, and HIPAA breaches (best for non-SSN breaches)
  • Enrollment by web, phone, and mail
  • Award-winning Fraud Resolution team
  • Long-term Care



The most cost effective breach response
offers the right protection for data lost.

Different breaches require different solutions. Unlike other companies, AllClear ID gives you a solution that is tailored to your company, customers and regulations. So you can respond with the correct protection for your customers and at the best possible price for you.


*If  lost SSNs belong to children, offer AllClear ChildScan Monitoring, designed specifically to find child identity theft that regular credit monitoring cannot detect.


"We greatly appreciate your collaboration and support.  Specifically, thanks to the Response team and the customer service teams who have been extremely helpful and responsive throughout the entire process."

Technology Client, Foster City, California 


Did You Know that Data Breaches:

  • Require rapid response per state and federal guidelines
  • Average $214 per lost record
  • Tarnish existing brand
  • Drive customer churn

Source: Ponemon 2010 Annual Study: US Cost of a Data Breach

Customers Affected by a Breach:

4X Higher Fraud Victimization Rate Among Data Breach Victims

1 in 5

Households Impacted


of Customers Remember the Breached Brand

Sources: Javelin 2011 Identity Fraud Survey Report, AllClear ID Surveys

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