Safe Email Handling Tips for Businesses

Email is a common target for malicious hackers. Two of the more common techniques they use to compromise email are business email compromise and malicious document attachments. Business Email Compromise  The FBI describes Business Email Compromise, or BEC, as a financially-motivated and often sophisticated scam carried out by organized crime organizations. The technique involves impersonating […]

Data Breach Preparation Tips: Lessons Learned from 5,000 Data Breach Responses

Today, more companies are recognizing the value of engaging breach response providers to help them plan, practice, and become operationally ready for a possible breach event. Most organizations are no longer asking us if they will experience a data breach, but what they can do to be ready when one hits. Furthermore, many leading businesses […]

Introducing The AllClear Reserved Response Program

When a breach occurs, customers expect an authentic and reassuring response launched in a matter of days. Clear communication and experts available to answer questions and reassure those affected are critical details that help rebuild customer trust. To meet the expectations of your customers, regulators, and the media,  planning well in advance of an incident is […]