Identity Protection
For Your Clients

Deliver more value, protect financial wellness plans and grow your clientele

Grow Your Business With A Trusted Brand

Your work as a trusted advisor to your client relies on your ability to provide great products and exceptional guidance, adding value to your client’s benefit program. We're here to help. By offering AllClear Identity Protection as a benefit to your clients, you'll be able to grow your business clientele and differentiate yourself with newer, more current benefit offerings. In this era of data breaches and identity theft, we believe all employees have a right to have their personal data and financial wellness assets protected. That's the reason we've created affordable options for employers, based on their needs and budget.

We offer options for your client to choose from

Full Employer Paid Benefits Plan

  • AllClear Identity Repair
  • AllClear Fraud Resolution
  • Identity Theft (Dark Web) Monitoring
  • Fraud Alerts with Credit Monitoring

Employer-Paid ID Repair with Voluntary Employee-Paid Upgrades

  • AllClear Identity Repair
  • AllClear Fraud Resolution

Voluntary upgrades

  • Identity Theft Monitoring
  • Fraud Alerts with Credit Monitoring

Affordable and Easy

AllClear ID offers Identity Protection plans for $1 per employee per month or less, customized plans can include:
  • Access to specially trained fraud resolution specialists with no enrollment necessary.
  • Identity Repair plan coverage for family members and dependents.
  • Employer-paid or employee-paid upgrades to full service identity protection benefits at any time.
  • ChildScan monitoring and identity protection for minors.
  • $1 Million identity theft insurance policy.
  • Dedicated helpline for HR professionals to get help when needed.
  • Free annual credit report from TransUnion

Why AllClear ID?

Identity Repair Program

Low Cost, High Value

Award Winning
Customer Service

AllClear ID makes it easy to implement identity protection benefits.
We work with your client to guide them through a smooth process and ensure every detail is managed with care.