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Never lose another sale due to
customer security concerns.

Your customers' security fears translate into incomplete transactions, postponed desicisions, missed sales and ultimately, a weaker bottom line for you.


The solution? The AllClear Guarantee:

  • Automatic identity protection built in to every transaction
  • Coverage that protects customers everywhere - not limited to your website
  • No cost to your customers - ever

Find out how AllClear Guarantee can
boost security and your business.

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75percent.png  of customers don't trust you to keep their information safe. Source: Forrester Research - May 2012

What the Guarantee means for your customers.

This breakthrough program frees your customers from security concerns because, for the first time, they are automatically protected from identity theft.  Companies that provide the AllClear Guarantee assure customers:


Automatic identity theft protection for 6 months
after they complete their transaction. Coverage is extended with each new purchase with you or other merchants who display the Guarantee.



Protection that goes where they go.
The guarantee protects your customers on the internet and everywhere else.


If their identity is stolen, we’ll fix it. Period. We will do the work to recover losses and restore their credit report.


All at no cost to your customers - ever.
It's always free for customers, inexpensive for businesses, and no third party marketing or upsell.

66percent.png  of customers are most concerned about identity theft when doing business online.
Source: Forrester Research - May 2012

How guaranteed security benefits your company.


Don't Lose Sales

Guaranteed security gives your customers the confidence to complete transactions and provide accurate information and that means fewer lost sales for you.


Build Brand Loyalty

Today, consumers just hope they’re safe online. But the Guarantee gives them the assurance they are safe and secure. And a strong reason to return and do business with you.


Stand Out As a
Security Leader

The AllClear Guarantee shows you are a leader in protecting your customers' identity and privacy, a position that will become more and more valuable as consumer concerns grow.

Want to know more?  Read the fine print.

securityTrainingIcon.pngThe Guarantee is also your best defense against employee breaches.

Use the Guarantee as an incentive for your employee security training program. Learn more here.

AllClear ID has won 15 Stevie Awards for outstanding customer service.


AllClear ID was awarded Best In Resolution by Javelin Strategy & Research