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Breach Readiness Tip: Consider Human Nature

Most businesses who have suffered a data breach will tell you it was one of the most challenging times of their professional careers. Data breaches are human events, both for the impacted customers and the incident response team in charge of executing the response. As such, human emotions come to the surface and can inhibit sound decision-making. Fortunately, solid data breach readiness plans can address this.

Four key emotional reactions to a crisis – denial, primal reactions, tunnel vision, and decision fatigue – are important factors to consider when preparing an effective customer breach response plan.

Here are ways to address these reactions in your breach response plans:

  • Create a diverse response team that represents multiple departments
  • Design a plan with clear chains of command for rapid decision-making
  • Set clear priorities and accountabilities for incident response team members
  • Build muscle memory by getting your response team together to practice early and often

Incorporating these items into your breach readiness efforts will help your team minimize the types of reactions to a data breach event that can potentially derail successful execution of your plans.

Learn more about how to prepare your team to conquer the human element in our Survival Guide: Don’t Let Human Emotions Derail Your Breach Response.

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