Experts in Data Breach Preparation, Response, and Recovery

AllClear ID provides specialized and proven services for organizations that want to protect their greatest asset: customers.

Preparation requires more than a plan. AllClear Reserved Response™ ensures you have the capacity to take action.

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Breach response isn’t about lost data. It’s about keeping customers safe.

A timely, organized breach response will:

  • Restore confidence among concerned customers, employees, and shareholders
  • Protect your brand from irreparable damage
  • Help your business get back to normal faster

Whether it’s planning for, responding to, or recovering from a data breach—our solutions put your customers first.


How prepared is your business for a data breach?



Experienced a data breach?

Breach Response Hotline: 1.877.441.3009

A better response starts today.

Each stage in the life cycle of security holds unique challenges and opportunities for protecting your business and customers. Our solution suite employs a holistic approach to data breach preparation, response, and recovery.

Preparation is the antidote to chaos.

To make smart decisions, move quickly, and minimize damage, your organization will need more than a response plan. We provide expert analysis, planning, and incident simulations, as well as reserved resources to prepare your organization for a successful response.

Respond effectively by putting customers first.

We mobilize trained Identity Protection Specialists rapidly and at scale for an immediate, effective, and customer-facing breach response that minimizes operational disruption and rebuilds trust.

Recover with grace — preserve your brand.

When personal information is stolen, swift and appropriate customer support is crucial to brand recovery. Our identity protection services empower your brand to demonstrate an authentic commitment to customer security.

Get It Right the First Time

Organizations that botch their response alienate and anger customers and miss the chance to assert control and start to repair their reputation.

Lessons Learned From Global Customer Data Breaches and Privacy Incidents of 2013–14
Forrester Research

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*Calculation based on the 2015 results of surveys sent to all customers who interacted with the AllClear ID support team.
**Rate is valid through 2015 and applies to cases covered by US consumer protection laws.