Make your mobile app the fastest, most secure way to
authenticate authorize payments acquire signatures determine location

With AllClear CrossChannel™ automation, your customers use your mobile app to securely sign in and transact in any sales channel.

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Why choose the CrossChannel Platform.

Increase Customer Engagement by 3X
Reduce friction by giving customers an easier, faster, more secure way to transact. See up to 300% increase in engagement.*
Radically Reduce Fraud
Short circuit front end attacks with multi-factor security, anti-device cloning and forward secret encryption.
Eliminate Passwords
Replace usernames and passwords with mobile fingerprint or face recognition.
Automate Transactions
Use mobile device automation to authorize payments, acquire signatures, determine location, and other types of mobile transactions.
*Reported by clients in financial services and retail.

AllClear Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

User-friendly authentication and app security are key to succeed with a mobile first strategy.
AllClear SCA is designed to increase usage and adoption of banking services by offering frictionless and uniform access to all channels.

Benefits of AllClear SCA

  • Seamless digital experience with CrossChannel transactions
  • Makes mobile apps the center of digital transformation
  • Secure access leverages PSD2 compliant app security
  • Identity drives lasting relationships with customers

AllClear Identity Protection Services

Give your customers peace of mind by ensuring they have someone on their side when they need it most.
Fraud Alerts
Prevents thieves from using stolen Social Security numbers to open new accounts.
Credit Monitoring
Keeps customers informed of new credit activity by sending alerts when banks and creditors use their identities to open new accounts.
ID Theft Monitoring
Alerts customers about compromised data, including credit card numbers, email addresses or usernames with passwords, and Social Security numbers.
Identity Repair
With AllClear ID, no matter where or how identity theft occurs, your customers are covered—and at no cost to them.