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72-Hour Breach Notification?
We Guarantee it.

New regulations like the GDPR require organizations to notify customers quickly when a data breach puts them at risk for identity theft. AllClear ID guarantees the deployment of large scale breach response operations in 72 hours.

Join the leading brands that trust AllClear ID to safeguard half a billion customers every day.

Deloitte and AllClear ID are collaborating to provide data breach services in the EU.

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AllClear ID ensures you have the identity protection, manpower and infrastructure on your side to meet customer breach notification requirements and avoid costly regulatory fees.

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There’s no guarantee that your company won’t experience a data breach, but AllClear ID can ensure that you respond successfully.

AllClear ID successfully managed the three largest, fastest and most complex breach response operations in history.

Great companies hire us to:

  • Design a customer response plan that will minimize customer migration, executive termination, brand damage and regulatory fines
  • Test their response readiness through our live Customer Response War Game
  • Guarantee deployment of the identity protections, manpower and infrastructure to notify and protect customers in as fast as 72 hours

The outcome of your breach response will be determined by two factors: Speed of Notification and Quality of Response. AllClear ID developed this expertise through experience—a decade spent on the frontlines helping companies secure their customers and redeem their brand after data breaches.


Experienced a data breach?

Breach Response Hotline: 1.877.441.3009

Keys to responding at Customer Scale:
Identity Protection Expertise, Manpower & Infrastructure

Successful breach management requires companies to have access to the right identity protection expertise, sufficiently trained and highly skilled manpower, and the appropriate infrastructure to support the communications process.

Identity Protection Expertise

Expertise: Trained experts help you prepare, respond and recover from a data breach.

  • Reserved Response expert planning, preparation
  • Customer response operations management
  • Fraud resolution and identity protection
  • Regulator escalations
Identity Protection Expertise

Highly Skilled Manpower

Manpower: An army of experts standing by to assist and serve your customers.

  • Experienced professionals to implement your response plan & notification
  • Trained and skilled call center consultants to manage the high volume of customer queries and provide quality customer service following the public notification
  • Resources to cover the post-breach management issues
Highly Skilled Manpower

Secure Infrastructure

Infrastructure: To handle a large volume of calls and inquiries.

  • Phone, website, and application capacity to absorb the spike in breach volume on top of normal operating volumes
  • Secure communication channel to safely and inexpensively notify customers
  • Secure two-factor authentication service to lock customer accounts
Secure Infrastructure

Mature Customer Breach Notification and Response Is Non-negotiable

An incident response plan is not complete unless it includes considerations for customer-facing breach notification and response. A breach of personal information — whether from your customers or employees — is emotional for both the individual and your organization. Waiting until a breach happens to start thinking about what to do and how to respond is a recipe for pain and public scrutiny.

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*Calculation based on the 2018 results of surveys sent to all customers who interacted with the AllClear ID support team.
**Rate is valid through 2018 and applies to cases involving adults covered by U.S. consumer protection laws.

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