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Smart businesses know it's not just about data.

It's about your customers.

That’s why the biggest names in retail, financial services, and healthcare trust AllClear ID to lead the customer-facing response to their data breaches. Our award-winning team of experts have been perfecting breach response for more than a decade. We will help you recover with speed, grace, and minimal damage to your business - so that you can get back to business.

Partner with AllClear ID, and in the event of a breach, your customers will know you care.

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Why Partner with AllClear ID

Work with the most experienced team in customer security. Our team has managed the largest, most complex and most destructive cyber attacks in history, and can guide you through creating, testing, and executing the most effective, customer-focused response plan.
Meet high expectations of customers, shareholders, and the media. Breach response is hard to get right and easy to fumble. WIth AllClear you are certain that you can deliver a swift and quality response at a time of high stress and consequences.

The key to an effective response is happy customers. With our 97% customer satisfaction rating and 15 international awards for outstanding customer service, no competitor comes even close to our record of positive customer response.


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We have the breach response solution to meet your needs:

Healthcare (PHI) Breach

Social Security Number Breach

Credit Card Breach

Password Breach 


Why Choose AllClear ID for Breach Response?

Notified over 240,000,000 people

Responded to the largest, most complex,
most destructive
cyber attacks in history

Preferred by 9 out of 10
privacy professionals 


*AllClear ID has a 100% success rate in resolving financial identity theft cases in the US