Kim here from AllClear ID.  Brent is one of our customers, and he generally prefers to use cash, so it was unnerving to learn that a thief had stolen his identity and used his good credit to open multiple credit accounts.  “It was shocking.  The last loan I had was my student loan. I have no idea how, but this guy knew my name, address, Social Security Number and driver’s license number.”  Using Brent’s driver’s license info to make a fake license was the thief’s undoing.  More than 300 miles from where Brent lives in Texas, a police officer pulled over the thief and discovered the fake license.  He called to deliver the news that someone was using Brent’s identity and driving a car registered in his name.

Understanding the magnitude of the situation but not quite knowing what to do, Brent asked a friend who recommended he call AllClearID to help uncover the damage and restore his credit. Matt, an AllClear Investigator, was assigned to the case and found over 20 credit accounts had been opened within a week.  In addition to credit card accounts that had been charged to the limit, the thief purchased three cars in Brent’s name.  The total debt load was in excess of $100,000.

Matt was able to get each of the accounts closed and made recommendations for additional security measures Brent could take to stop further damage. Brent says the experience of working with AllClear ID eliminated the frustration because Matt took care of the cleanup.  Another aspect of working with an AllClear Investigator Brent says is the communication, “the constant updates and follow-ups were really important so I always knew what was happening.”

When asked if he thought, in retrospect, he could have navigated his way through the recovery on his own, Brent said, “There were so many things to keep track of, calls that had to be made and a lot of follow-up.  I had a big notebook and still I would be on the phone with Matt and a creditor and Matt would have all the details – things I had forgotten.  In these cases you need the professional tools and software to manage the case.”  Brent said his work schedule would not have permitted him the time to invest the hours that Matt did.  “It took us about 6 months to get everything done, I am sure it would have taken double that if I had been doing it on my own.”