AllClear Health ID Eliminates Patient Misidentification

Health ID eliminates mismatched and duplicate medical records so providers can deliver the right care, reduce costs and increase reimbursements.

What is AllClear Health ID?

AllClear Health ID is a new mobile identity for patients that enables system-wide access and information sharing. Here’s how it works:

Continuously monitors
and certifies insurance
and demographic changes
Automates check-in and
selects the right medical
record every time
Electronically exchanges
PHI between patients
and providers
Protects everyone
with banking grade

Match the Right Patient with the Right Medical Record Every Time

Despite rigorous effort, patient misidentification remains an every day problem resulting in mismatched, inaccurate, and incomplete medical records. It prevents care givers from knowing their patients with serious repercussions on safety, quality, and costs. The impact on reimbursement costs alone averages $29M annually for every 1 million patients treated.*

* McKinsey & Co. 2020

Improve Patient Safety

Reduce the risk of misdiagnosing a patient or performing redundant services by making sure providers are working from the right medical record.

One Mobile ID with System-Wide Access

Make check-in easy and accurate no matter where or how patients access care. Add mobile convenience to every experience whether it is in-person, virtual, or by phone.

Eliminate the #1 Reason Claims get Denied

Patient misidentification causes 33% of claims denials.* Increase reimbursements and reduce costs by automating check-in and electronically collecting certified insurance and demographic data.

* Black Book Research 2018

No Costly Hardware Investment

If you can print a QR code, you have what you need to deploy Health ID to any care setting. Other solutions require expensive hardware investments but with Health ID you simply set up your check in requirements and create a QR code. Patients scan the code to initiate check-in, authenticate themselves and authorize the exchange of their identity and insurance information.

Real-Time View of Patient Journeys

Reduce revenue leakage, improve quality and easily respond to audits by capturing rich details from each step in every patient’s journey.

Future-proof and Own Your Patient Identities

Health ID is so unique because it gives providers the ability to own and issue patient identities. And because Health ID operates independently from EHRs and digital front doors, providers have the flexibility to change or add underlying systems of engagement while maintaining a seamless experience for patients.

Protect Everyone with Banking Grade Security

AllClear ID’s technology has proven itself in banking where it is securely processing over 1 billion high value transactions annually with no scalable attacks. We are bringing that same technology and a decade of experience to Health ID to make it the most secure patient identity available.

Turnkey Deployment

Health ID is designed for rapid deployment in a matter of weeks. The iOS and Android apps are built and ready to feature your brand. Integration with EHRs and Digital Front Doors is a simple matter of configuration using Redox and federation standards. Health ID even includes customer support for care settings and patients.

How Much Could You Save with AllClear Health ID?

33% of claim denials are caused by patient record mismatch, duplications and inaccurate identity data. Enter your data below to see how much you could save with AllClear Health ID.

Net Patient Revenue: $

Total Patients per Year:

Total Value of Denied Claims: $

Percentage of Denials Rooted in Patient Misidentification:

* Savings analysis created by McKinsey & Co.

** Change Healthcare estimates the average value of denied claims at 3% of a provider’s net patient revenue

*** An average of 33% of denials are rooted in patient misidentification according to a 2018 Black Book Research study

Total Annual Savings:

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Claim Reworks Bad Patient Debt Write-offs Duplicate Remediation
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