AllClear ID Technology

It makes AllClear ID the strongest identity protection product ever created.

There’s nothing else like the exclusive Identity Protection Network that powers our products. Its advanced automated protection technology is unique to the industry and can mean the difference between being All Clear - or not.

Faster Alerts

We scour the Internet for suspicious activity. If evidence of your identity is found online, we quickly alert you by phone. AllClear ID’s unique telephone voice code and PIN authorization assures a secure connection so you can receive detailed information to act upon immediately.

Faster Response

If you believe your security alert is fraudulent, you can instantly connect to a live OnCall investigator by simply pressing the star key on your phone. The investigator will then launch a thorough inquiry.

Faster Recovery

Our AllClear™ investigators have extensive experience navigating the identity theft recovery process. Which means they’re able to move efficiently and effectively when time matters. Rest assured, our licensed investigators will take the lead when it comes to repairing and restoring your valuable identity.

See our technology in action.